Covid 19 Testing


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Covig-19 Testing

OHS offers COVID-19 testing solutions

Rapid Response Virus Test

A lab developed saliva-based molecular test for symptomatic and asymptomatic populations this is easily (and painless) self-collected and shipped to the lab. Results of the test confirm if the virus is detected in the saliva of the donor. Results normally are available in 12-24 hours.

Antibody Test

Results of antibody testing can confirm the presence, or lack of, COVID antibodies in the donor. Depending on the circumstance positive antibody tests should be reflexed to a molecular test to confirm if active virus is present. The presence of antibodies indicates the person has had COVID-19 at some point and may offer protection from contracting the virus again.

Options for antibody testing:

Venipuncture serum for asymptomatic populations.
The specimen is shipped to the lab for testing. Results normally are available in 24-48 hours.

Dried Blood Spots (DBS) finger stick.
A lab developed test for asymptomatic populations that can be self-administered and is shipped to the lab. Results normally are available in 24-48 hours.

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